Our Services

Discover personalized DBT solutions for emotional well-being. From individual coaching to group sessions, our trained facilitators guide you in developing essential skills for a more balanced life. Join us for transformative sessions fostering personal growth and improved well-being.

Adult and Adolescent Skills Groups

  • MST via zoom
  • $75/week (paid monthly)

  • Individual or Family Skills Coaching

  • 50 minute sessions
  • $120/hour for individual
  • $150/hour for family

  • Community Wellness Programs

    A mental and emotional wellness education program that provides community members with the skills needed to feel more in control of their lives. We make these skills universally accessible to all demographics of your community. Our goal is to remove barriers to ensure that families, caregivers, teachers, frontline workers, mentors, and members of the community are building a solid toolbox of strategies and skills to recognize and regulate emotions, handle challenging situations constructively, manage stress, and communicate needs effectively. Supporting the community in these ways leads to a healthier functioning society and stronger workforce.

    Corporate Skills Trainings

    Support employees with the skills needed to live a more joyful and balanced life. The benefit of investing in employee mental health far outweighs the expense to companies. In studies of large companies, depression was found to result in 26 additional absence days per year over and above the amount for non-depressed employees. Additionally Approximately 50 percent of the annual cost of treating depression in the United States — $110 billion annually — is shouldered by employers.